jeudi 2 décembre 2010

New Events in December

Hello, everyone - this December we have lots of events to report: First, on Sun., Dec. 5 at Puerto Cacao cafe/gallery in the 17th arrondissement we have an event starting at 2 pm until 6 pm, several artists represented to benefit ArtsEqualLife. Then, on Wed., Dec. 8 at noon I'll be making a personal appearance at the Puerto Cacao branch in the 12th near Place d'Aligre - we have lots of original artwork, we have jewelry and especially for this season we have Christmas ornaments - they're bunny angels for your Christmas tree, and some are canvases to put on your wall, lots of fun and really unusual things for everyone! See you there!

vendredi 28 mai 2010

We meet a Hippo at BHV

Well, you can't really see me because I'm going incognito in my little black carrier, but you can see the hippo and see that I'm looking at him. We were browsing at Bazar de l'Hôtel de Ville (BHV), a department store on the rue de Rivoli in the 4th arrondissement of Paris when we came upon him, and since one of our very good friends is JB the Hippo, we had to take a picture to show that hippos and bunnies are the best of friends and like to go shopping together whenever the time permits.

A Walk in the Quartier Latin

It was a gorgeous evening in May and we all decided to take a walk in the historic Latin Quarter. I think it's one of the most romantic spots in all Paris - here is where all the students lived in the Middle Ages, and where the common language was Latin because there were so many people from so many different countries, they all spoke Latin, the scholarly language, in order to be understood. And do you recognize this little square? it was used in the movie, "The Devil Wears Prada" - I think I look a little like Anne Hathaway in this shot, don't you? And I'm also standing in front of the medieval street, rue de Bièvre which wends its way up to Blvd. Saint-Germain. You can also see me pictured looking down the little row of shops on the rue de la Bûcherie and in the distance you can actually see a shop that's now for rent - looks like a good spot for my next boutique, what do you think?

Bargains, bargains!

No one loves a bargain more than I do, and when you come to Paris I know all the best places to find them. I mean for example, why buy an expensive scarf on the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré when you can find them all over for 4 euros, or better still, 3 for 10 euros! I mean, no outfit is complete without a colorful scarf, and if you pay less for your scarf, you have more to spend on your outfit, right?
Well, here I am on the RER, which is like an express train in Paris (I'm seated on the upper deck of the double-decker train and you can see the station stop outside the window - it's a quick way for us to get to the Notre Dame area), and I've been to the Musée d'Orsay so many times I'm bored to tears! My human family keeps mentioning that they think I'm getting spoiled, but I don't think so, do you?

vendredi 21 mai 2010

We're Asked to Appear in a TV Commercial!

We were out strolling around the Champs de Mars when a tv crew spotted us and asked us to be in their commercial. Well, of course we said yes right away, and someone put a video camera in front of me, another person put a mike overhead, and a third person showed me a card that had some writing on it and asked me to pronounce the word, "Kronenbourg" . . . I don't know exactly what that is but it is a rather difficult word for a little bunny to say, so I didn't say anything. However, they weren't too disappointed, and took lots of shots anyway. So you just may spot me in a commercial one of these fine days!

Un Vernissage in the Marais

Art gallery Sit-Down on rue Sainte Anastase in the Marais is host to brilliant artist Vincent Scali's work this week. My family was invited, but confidentially I was not, so I crashed it! No one seemed to mind, and I thought all the work was charming, particularly the guilded monstera leaves Vincent does as wall art. Not only did we see marvellous creations, but we also gratefully sampled the strawberries offered to us. All of the guest list, needless to say, was too chic to mention, so don't even ask!

lundi 17 mai 2010

Sunday in the Marais

The Marais is one of my favorite quartiers in Paris, and I can often be seen strolling around the streets. We stopped at a very lovely carousel in front of the Hôtel de Ville so I could have my picture taken, and then we strolled around the streets looking at lovely boutiques and lots of attractive cafes. We stopped at one, and a passerby very kindly offered to take our picture at our little table!

on rue Lepic in Montmartre

I just love to meet new people, and usually the feeling is quite mutual. I'm very often the recipient of a very affectionate greeting!

Art Gallery in Montmartre

While we were on rue Lepic, we found an art gallery, and I just loved these works! I insisted on having my photo taken with them.


Saturday was a gorgeous day so we took the opportunity to have a walk around Montmartre. Above is a picture of Un Zebre a Montmartre. A really fun café, we wanted to show you a picture because just above it was the location of our very first apartment in Paris several years ago.

Arts George V and a walk in the Marais

Here you can see our display at the Arts George V show at the American Cathedral. Fortunately for us, we were so busy that this was the only photo we were able to take. Not only were there lots of people to say hello to, but the party was fabulous - the refreshment table was out of this world!

And the following day we took a long walk in the Marais, where we met a fashion designer who found me irresistible-and took lots of pictures-and also Steve and Aline, wonderful people who emailed me a lovely photo of their cat who lives at their farm in the country!

lundi 10 mai 2010

Un Soirée Magnifique!

Rabbits being the most social animals in the world all love a good party. We love entertaining, we love socializing, and we love good company, Ergo, 0n Saturday we went to our friend Al's party, and what a magnificent time we had! Not only did we see old friends Linette and Alison, but we met scads of new people, Susan, Danette, Tamara and many others too chic to mention as Suzy Knickerbocker used to say. Remember Suzy Knickerbocker? (If you do, you're at least as old as my human family, so don't admit it!)

My Beauty Secrets

Well girls, it's time to share my beauty secrets with the world, and I can explain them with one very simple word: learn to relax! Yes, taking a few minutes out of every busy day for a little down time, a little peace and quiet, a little nap restores your energy and makes you feel great. And, as I always say, when you feel great you look great, no? So I've included some pictures of me doing what I like to do best, catch some zzz's in the middle of a hectic schedule. It's my favorite way to spend an afternoon!

vendredi 7 mai 2010

Our Concortel Hotel Event

Well, yesterday was the big day for me, my first event here in Paris - and what fun it was! we had lots of people all through the day and showed lots of new things, from knitted jewelry chains studded with stones and beads to feather necklaces and earrings to necklace, bracelet and earring sets of semi-precious stones. We showed our books and artwork, too. You'll be able to see some of the festivities on my next video show on YouTube, just look for my channel, Desiree de Rabbitt. And I'd like to mention that the hotel staff was as helpful and couteous as they could be and made all our guests feel welcome and at home. I've put several pictures up of me greeting our friends, I love all social occasions!

And speaking of social occasions, tomorrow night I'm invited to a party in the 6th with lots of friends which I'm looking forward to, and then on Sunday and Monday I'm going to be at the Georges V art show at the American Cathedral on Av. Georges V - we'll be sure to take lots of pictures so you can see them, and video too for my new video show.

lundi 3 mai 2010

the Désirée de Rabbitt Show

Désirée de Rabbitt, a very, very close relative and confidante, has started her own Youtube show, which I'm sure you'll all love to see! It's just for fun and for friends, just to say hello from the city of Light from a rabbit's point of view - hope you enjoy, here is a link:

jeudi 29 avril 2010

Café Blanc

Bonjour, mes amis - here I am in front of Café Blanc on rue François 1er in the 8th arrondissement - part of the Courrèges boutique here - this is another favorite place of mine, you can have a little refreshments while watching all the passersby, and very chic passersby they are! I love to look at all the beautiful clothes and the beautiful people, and quite a few of them say hello to me, too!

And I have to tell you the most wonderful thing that happened the other day when we were there - my family was sitting having a little espresso when the girls who work there came out and gave me my own beautiful little salad - gorgeous fresh greens, each leaf I'm sure was their own personal choice and served very attractively - well, we took video of this too which we'll put on our new Youtube video show of my adventures in Paris - bisous to one and all, D!

Le Comptoir du 7

Le Comptoir du 7 is a café on Avenue La Motte-Piquet neqr the Ecole Militaire métro, and as you can see it is very friendly to us rabbits! We had a lovely lunch there compliments of our San Fransisco friends Vincent and Michael, and all the girls who work there had to come out and say hello - and here's the big news - we took video of it, and it is going to be on my new Youtube video show, which we are working on now and should have ready for you soon, so keep your eye on this blog and we'll bring you all the news (and the links and the info) the minute we know all the details - à bientôt, Désirée!

jeudi 22 avril 2010

Café avec Kimi

I went to sit in a café near the Foutain St. Michel, and who do you think came along? My friend Kimi, who I was very glad to see and spend some time with. We are supposed to go to the Tuileries together tomorrow, so I get to see him twice in one week, which I like, he's so much fun. He has so much to say and is so very kind to me. Then I went back to the jardin du Luxembourg to practice posing in front of the camera - I think I'm getting quite good, don't you?

mercredi 21 avril 2010

Back to the Jardin du Luxembourg

We have a difficult time staying away from the Jardin du Luxembourg on such beautiful days - the flowers are gorgeous this spring, big expansive beds of tulips, apple trees heavy with blossoms, and I saw my first lilac bush, which I found enchanting. I tried to sample one of the blooms, but they stopped me, I was disappointed. We saw some French girls basking in the sunshine, and the met some Malaysian girls here on vacation! I put their pictures here to show you what
fun we had on such a beautiful day!

Out about town

Here I am waiting for the bus - you can see the beautiful spring blossoms in the background, what a beautiful spot! We were waiting for the bus to take us to our favorite ice cream spot (well, all I had was a little hay and some water, the rest of them indulged themselves). We sat for quite a while and greeted lots of people, and lots of people who are here staying longer than they had anticipated owing to the current airline situation!

dimanche 18 avril 2010

Home Again

On the way home we stopped and took a picture with another girl on the Quai du Louvre, then crossed the Pont des Arts again to the left bank, where we dipped down to the Seine to have a snack - for me, some lovely endive served with a morsel of fraise, which I adore on a warm spring day. And while we were there, a bâteau mouche sailed by, the first one I've seen close up - I think it might be fun to take a ride, don't you? I'm sure they haven't had too many rabbits on board, what do you think?

I Invade the Tuileries

Here I am getting ready to cross the road, going under the Arc du Triomphe du Carousel. Somehow, I rather like the idea of a rabbit going through a triumphal arch, don't you? When I came out on the other side, I was in the Jardin des Tuileries, on a beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon, complete with thousands of sun-worshiping Parisians!

I Love the Louvre

Isn't it a fabulous place? Just can't get enough of it - the modern building in the foreground, and the 16th century palace in the rear. Look at all those windows! I have to confess, nibbling on drapery fringe is a favorite pastime for me, can you imagine how long it would take me to go through all those fringes? I mean, it would be weeks at least!

I Look Through the Pyramid at the Louvre

Well, here I am in the courtyard of the Louvre inspecting the glass pyramid (actually one of the small, rabbit-sized ones). I think they're very beautiful and if you look closely you can see the reflection of you nose in the glass. We met some lovely French girls who wanted a picture, and of course we had to say, bien sûr, avec grand plaisir and we snapped away.

I Cross the Pont des Arts

I am a left-bank type rabbit, so when we took the bus to the Quai de Conti I had a feeling it would be an exciting type day. And I was so right! We walked across the Pont des Arts, and stood on the right-bank side and took a picture with the Sainte-Chapelle in the background.
Then we met some fabulous ladies, one of whom has a rabbit of her own. Well, we insisted that we take a picture with me, so we stood right on the Quai du Louvre and snapped one! Hope she likes it! She had lots of fun friends with her, and they all were biking around the city, and it was the most perfect day for a bike ride, too! Further along the Quai, we met two more girls, Americans in Paris,
having a great stroll, and we all took pictures too, such a great time! You can see we were right across from a side door of the Louvre museum.