mercredi 8 juin 2011

Desiree de Rabbitt's

for the

Hello, everyone! Are you a lady rabbit (like me)? Going to Nice this summer (also like me)?
Stuck in a quandary of what to buy, what to bring, what to wear? No worries, I have put together a little survival guide for your trip, since I am now (at least in the last 24 hours) an expert in packing for a trip to the Riviera.

Note the above illustration. In it you will find all the useful little things you'll find necessary - a trip to the beach will be as easy as a swim in the ocean!

Here we go:

1. Beach umbrella: in Nice, blue and white stripes are the best.
2. Padded beach chair: the pebbles on the beach are lumpy!
3. Sunblock for the tips of your delicate ears.
4. Magazines. Be sure to include:
a) Fashion - so you'll be up on the latest
b) Gossip - see who's wearing what to the wedding in Monaco, so you don't wear the same.
5. Pineapple juice - fresh - for an afternoon pick-me-up.
6. Big red dark glasses, so your fans won't mob you (hint: we like lots of rhinestones).
7. Straw beach bag (bonus: you can munch on this in an emergency!) containing:
a) Bottled water - keep hydrated!
b) Ballerina flats - remember those lumpy pebbles)
c) Extra towels - blue, of course
d) A yellow polka-dot bikini in case of an emergency.

Note: false eyelashes are optional, but only after 5. Come to think of it, who's on the beach after 5? But bring them anyway.

So there you have it, all the inside track on all you need for the perfect sojourn sur la plage this summer from me, Désirée!

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  1. Wow!! I've never been to the beach before! This is really helpful.