jeudi 29 avril 2010

Café Blanc

Bonjour, mes amis - here I am in front of Café Blanc on rue François 1er in the 8th arrondissement - part of the Courrèges boutique here - this is another favorite place of mine, you can have a little refreshments while watching all the passersby, and very chic passersby they are! I love to look at all the beautiful clothes and the beautiful people, and quite a few of them say hello to me, too!

And I have to tell you the most wonderful thing that happened the other day when we were there - my family was sitting having a little espresso when the girls who work there came out and gave me my own beautiful little salad - gorgeous fresh greens, each leaf I'm sure was their own personal choice and served very attractively - well, we took video of this too which we'll put on our new Youtube video show of my adventures in Paris - bisous to one and all, D!

Le Comptoir du 7

Le Comptoir du 7 is a café on Avenue La Motte-Piquet neqr the Ecole Militaire métro, and as you can see it is very friendly to us rabbits! We had a lovely lunch there compliments of our San Fransisco friends Vincent and Michael, and all the girls who work there had to come out and say hello - and here's the big news - we took video of it, and it is going to be on my new Youtube video show, which we are working on now and should have ready for you soon, so keep your eye on this blog and we'll bring you all the news (and the links and the info) the minute we know all the details - à bientôt, Désirée!

jeudi 22 avril 2010

Café avec Kimi

I went to sit in a café near the Foutain St. Michel, and who do you think came along? My friend Kimi, who I was very glad to see and spend some time with. We are supposed to go to the Tuileries together tomorrow, so I get to see him twice in one week, which I like, he's so much fun. He has so much to say and is so very kind to me. Then I went back to the jardin du Luxembourg to practice posing in front of the camera - I think I'm getting quite good, don't you?

mercredi 21 avril 2010

Back to the Jardin du Luxembourg

We have a difficult time staying away from the Jardin du Luxembourg on such beautiful days - the flowers are gorgeous this spring, big expansive beds of tulips, apple trees heavy with blossoms, and I saw my first lilac bush, which I found enchanting. I tried to sample one of the blooms, but they stopped me, I was disappointed. We saw some French girls basking in the sunshine, and the met some Malaysian girls here on vacation! I put their pictures here to show you what
fun we had on such a beautiful day!

Out about town

Here I am waiting for the bus - you can see the beautiful spring blossoms in the background, what a beautiful spot! We were waiting for the bus to take us to our favorite ice cream spot (well, all I had was a little hay and some water, the rest of them indulged themselves). We sat for quite a while and greeted lots of people, and lots of people who are here staying longer than they had anticipated owing to the current airline situation!

dimanche 18 avril 2010

Home Again

On the way home we stopped and took a picture with another girl on the Quai du Louvre, then crossed the Pont des Arts again to the left bank, where we dipped down to the Seine to have a snack - for me, some lovely endive served with a morsel of fraise, which I adore on a warm spring day. And while we were there, a bâteau mouche sailed by, the first one I've seen close up - I think it might be fun to take a ride, don't you? I'm sure they haven't had too many rabbits on board, what do you think?

I Invade the Tuileries

Here I am getting ready to cross the road, going under the Arc du Triomphe du Carousel. Somehow, I rather like the idea of a rabbit going through a triumphal arch, don't you? When I came out on the other side, I was in the Jardin des Tuileries, on a beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon, complete with thousands of sun-worshiping Parisians!

I Love the Louvre

Isn't it a fabulous place? Just can't get enough of it - the modern building in the foreground, and the 16th century palace in the rear. Look at all those windows! I have to confess, nibbling on drapery fringe is a favorite pastime for me, can you imagine how long it would take me to go through all those fringes? I mean, it would be weeks at least!

I Look Through the Pyramid at the Louvre

Well, here I am in the courtyard of the Louvre inspecting the glass pyramid (actually one of the small, rabbit-sized ones). I think they're very beautiful and if you look closely you can see the reflection of you nose in the glass. We met some lovely French girls who wanted a picture, and of course we had to say, bien sûr, avec grand plaisir and we snapped away.

I Cross the Pont des Arts

I am a left-bank type rabbit, so when we took the bus to the Quai de Conti I had a feeling it would be an exciting type day. And I was so right! We walked across the Pont des Arts, and stood on the right-bank side and took a picture with the Sainte-Chapelle in the background.
Then we met some fabulous ladies, one of whom has a rabbit of her own. Well, we insisted that we take a picture with me, so we stood right on the Quai du Louvre and snapped one! Hope she likes it! She had lots of fun friends with her, and they all were biking around the city, and it was the most perfect day for a bike ride, too! Further along the Quai, we met two more girls, Americans in Paris,
having a great stroll, and we all took pictures too, such a great time! You can see we were right across from a side door of the Louvre museum.

Afternoon on the Ile de la Cité

Here I am getting ready to cross the parvis to get a good look at Notre-Dame de Paris - it's one of my favorite spots, and the leaves on the trees are starting to get big and beautiful. The Seine looks so wonderful, framed with the blossoms and buds coming out for spring.

Afterward we took a walk over to the flower
market, which is an even more favorite place!

These blooms are just fabulous, and the
fragrance in the air was magical.

Finally, we crossed the river, and took a look at the Tour St. Jacques, which has been completely refurbished and looking majestic in the middle of its own lovely garden.

Then we sat down to have a little bit of lunch, and I even got a tin
y piece of apple to help celebrate the spring day, and then home one the bus, which I love to take because I get to meet lots of new friends!

vendredi 16 avril 2010

Le Jardin du Luxembourg

There's nothing I like better on a fine spring day than a trip to the Jardin du Luxembourg! And today was the perfect spring day, sunny and warm, breezy and cloudless. So when I found myself in my little black carrier on the bus, I had a feeling we were in for a fine treat, and I was so right!As we get off the bus in front of the Senat, I always look for members of that legislative body to say hello to - and to give them a few tips on how government should be run. I mean, that's what they're there for, to listen to their constituents, even if the constituent happens to be a rabbit. My first stop was to look at the beautiful Fountain Marie de Medici; I love this spot, it's so tranquil, and there we met some wonderful visitors from Missouri in the US - two lovely couples, wondering if they were going to be able to board their plane tomorrow due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland! Well, we'll certainly be thinking of them!
We then strolled over to the big fountain, where only one boy was playing with his sailboat, and all the ducks seemed to be on holiday, so I took the time to freshen my look with a nice nose-wash. Now, girls, you know I rarely do this sort of thing en plein air in public, but sometimes . . .

Well, later we went over to the lawn and sat down in chairs, and t
he nicest girls came to say hello - they are French law students and we had such fun and I loved it when the stroked my long ears and smoothed my fur coat with their soft hands.
Soon it was time to go, but on the way out, we met more students, Americans this time from Hamilton University in New York State, and they smiled and made the biggest fuss over me - people ask me if I mind s
topping and letting people pet me - I always say: mind? when they stop asking, that's when I'll mind! Anyway, here I am with a passel of very lovely and loyal new friends - it was, all in all, the perfect day and I can't wait to come back!

I Go To Church

You know, I am so grateful that I have a human family who not only keeps me in good health, well-fed and entertained, but also takes care of my spiritual needs as well. I mean, contact with the Universe is the secret of my success, not to mention the source of my ubiquitously understood and globally mentioned state of cuteness, so I like to take the time to meditate and express my thanks routinely.

So, today we went to one of the oldest standing churches in Paris, the abbey church of Saint-Germain-des-Prés in the 6ème arrondissement. Just how many rabbits do you think in its nearly 1000 years of history have entered into its sanctuary? Well, I didn't see any point in, you'll pardon the expression, pussyfooting around, so i just went right in and sat myself down. And it was a very rewarding experience, regardless of what the lady in the big hat thought when she cast her eyes on me.

Rendez-vous with Kimi

Well, here I am with my friend Kimi who is an miniature American Eskimo dog - he is a rather older gentleman, and I like him very much because he is quiet, respectful and very sweet-tempered. We like to sit and have un petit café, outdoors when the weather is nice, which it has been lately! Yesterday we went to rue Cler in the 7ème arrondissement, where there is a very big market and lots and lots of people. As we sat, lots of them came over to us and said hello, and told us what a wonderful time they were having strolling around the market. That made us feel good because we like to see everyone enjoying themselves on a fine spring afternoon. Today is even nicer than yesterday, and I certainly hope I get to go out to enjoy it-there was talk this morning of going to the Jardin du Luxembourg! That would be very nice for me because it's one of my favorite places, with tons of beautiful flower gardens and lovely trees that have started to leaf out. Before we go, however, there was some talk about the humans having to dry their clothes, which I think is very silly because if they were like me they wouldn't have to waste time with such boring chores and we could go out all the sooner!

dimanche 11 avril 2010

the RER, Blvd. St-Michel, and St-Germain-des-Prés

Well, it certainly was a fun day yesterday. I finally got to take the RER (and we only went a few stops, but it was fun) and there were lots of surprised people to see a rabbit sitting next to them!

Then we got out at Blvd. St. Michel near the fountain - a really beautiful place and it was warm and sunny; the little leaflets on the trees were shining a bright springtime green, and we walked on the blvd for a little while,
but then turned into rue St. André des Arts, joining hundreds of ha
ppy flâneurs

We found the most beautiful flower stand, where I stopped to admire all the
gorgeous (and potentially tasty) blooms, and then we found a fruit market with the most glorious grapes and berries I have ever seen. Since I rarely get treats of this kind, I was relegated to looking rather than sampling, but the admiring looks I got from the market owners made it all worthwile. A girl likes to be appreciated, you know.

We then walked
over to the Café des Deux Magots on the Blvd. St.-Germain-des-Prés, and I stopped in front of the abbey church to have a look at the almost 1000-year-old building. I wondered how many of my ancestors romped in the fields here when it was built?

Then it was time to take the métro home, and I had a lovely snack of hay and a nap until much later, when I came out and had fun trying the nibble on the library books the family was trying to keep away from me . . . xD

samedi 10 avril 2010

Paris comme je le vois

Bonjour, and bienvenue! Today is a historic day, the first day of my blog. I happen to be a rabbit, a rabbit named Dovima de Rabbitt and I have seen more of Paris than any other rabbit in the world! Paris is an enchanting city, and I happen to be an enchanting rabbit (as you may have surmised from looking at my picture). A rabbit, as you may know, is one of the signs of the oriental zodiac; as such, we love good food and good times, and we have a keen aestheic sense of beauty. That is why I feel so at home in Paris, so much a part of the very fabric of the city! And so this blog, Paris comme je le vois, is going to follow my adventures all over the city Today is an absolutely sumptuous day in Paris-warm, sunny, gorgeous! So many things to do, so many choices to make!

Yesterday we went to Fouquet's on the Champs Elysées for un petit café; we probably won't do that again today. It would be perfect for an afternoon on Montmartre, and the view of the
entire city will be gorgeous! Or it may be fun to go to Saint-Germain-des-Prés to look at the art galleries and little shops, and I may stop in to light a candle in the old abbey church. If we do that, I can ride on the RER, which I have never done before, that would be a new adventure!

Whatever I do, I'll be sure to take lots of pictures to share and have fun with, so right after I give my lovely fur coat a thorough going-over to make sure I'm well-groomed for the day, we're all heading out to carpe diem!

à bientôt, D.