dimanche 18 avril 2010

I Cross the Pont des Arts

I am a left-bank type rabbit, so when we took the bus to the Quai de Conti I had a feeling it would be an exciting type day. And I was so right! We walked across the Pont des Arts, and stood on the right-bank side and took a picture with the Sainte-Chapelle in the background.
Then we met some fabulous ladies, one of whom has a rabbit of her own. Well, we insisted that we take a picture with me, so we stood right on the Quai du Louvre and snapped one! Hope she likes it! She had lots of fun friends with her, and they all were biking around the city, and it was the most perfect day for a bike ride, too! Further along the Quai, we met two more girls, Americans in Paris,
having a great stroll, and we all took pictures too, such a great time! You can see we were right across from a side door of the Louvre museum.

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