vendredi 16 avril 2010

Rendez-vous with Kimi

Well, here I am with my friend Kimi who is an miniature American Eskimo dog - he is a rather older gentleman, and I like him very much because he is quiet, respectful and very sweet-tempered. We like to sit and have un petit café, outdoors when the weather is nice, which it has been lately! Yesterday we went to rue Cler in the 7ème arrondissement, where there is a very big market and lots and lots of people. As we sat, lots of them came over to us and said hello, and told us what a wonderful time they were having strolling around the market. That made us feel good because we like to see everyone enjoying themselves on a fine spring afternoon. Today is even nicer than yesterday, and I certainly hope I get to go out to enjoy it-there was talk this morning of going to the Jardin du Luxembourg! That would be very nice for me because it's one of my favorite places, with tons of beautiful flower gardens and lovely trees that have started to leaf out. Before we go, however, there was some talk about the humans having to dry their clothes, which I think is very silly because if they were like me they wouldn't have to waste time with such boring chores and we could go out all the sooner!

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  1. Beautiful pictures here on your website. And a beautiful friendly chien to share cafe with. :)