vendredi 16 avril 2010

Le Jardin du Luxembourg

There's nothing I like better on a fine spring day than a trip to the Jardin du Luxembourg! And today was the perfect spring day, sunny and warm, breezy and cloudless. So when I found myself in my little black carrier on the bus, I had a feeling we were in for a fine treat, and I was so right!As we get off the bus in front of the Senat, I always look for members of that legislative body to say hello to - and to give them a few tips on how government should be run. I mean, that's what they're there for, to listen to their constituents, even if the constituent happens to be a rabbit. My first stop was to look at the beautiful Fountain Marie de Medici; I love this spot, it's so tranquil, and there we met some wonderful visitors from Missouri in the US - two lovely couples, wondering if they were going to be able to board their plane tomorrow due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland! Well, we'll certainly be thinking of them!
We then strolled over to the big fountain, where only one boy was playing with his sailboat, and all the ducks seemed to be on holiday, so I took the time to freshen my look with a nice nose-wash. Now, girls, you know I rarely do this sort of thing en plein air in public, but sometimes . . .

Well, later we went over to the lawn and sat down in chairs, and t
he nicest girls came to say hello - they are French law students and we had such fun and I loved it when the stroked my long ears and smoothed my fur coat with their soft hands.
Soon it was time to go, but on the way out, we met more students, Americans this time from Hamilton University in New York State, and they smiled and made the biggest fuss over me - people ask me if I mind s
topping and letting people pet me - I always say: mind? when they stop asking, that's when I'll mind! Anyway, here I am with a passel of very lovely and loyal new friends - it was, all in all, the perfect day and I can't wait to come back!

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