dimanche 18 avril 2010

Afternoon on the Ile de la Cité

Here I am getting ready to cross the parvis to get a good look at Notre-Dame de Paris - it's one of my favorite spots, and the leaves on the trees are starting to get big and beautiful. The Seine looks so wonderful, framed with the blossoms and buds coming out for spring.

Afterward we took a walk over to the flower
market, which is an even more favorite place!

These blooms are just fabulous, and the
fragrance in the air was magical.

Finally, we crossed the river, and took a look at the Tour St. Jacques, which has been completely refurbished and looking majestic in the middle of its own lovely garden.

Then we sat down to have a little bit of lunch, and I even got a tin
y piece of apple to help celebrate the spring day, and then home one the bus, which I love to take because I get to meet lots of new friends!

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  1. More beautiful pictures. I really adore how adventurous you are in such a beautiful and large metropolitan city! I'm in awe.